Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Girls Night!

Tonight had an awesome night out with these lovely girls where i don't get to meet every time. It's been awhile we last chatted. Spending time together to hang out, etc. 

We talked a lot. Updating each other. About work, personal issues, relationships, etc... I guess we've grown a lot where we starting to talk about marriage, some still single( like me ), still finding the mr.right. Well I guess my this year resolution i never write down and still not praying for a relationship. Seriously never thought of that too. Uhhhmmm... 

                                                              Pretty girls

Anywayzzz... I think one of our similar determination is to get healthy lifestyle. So which means, EXERCISE! Yes! Once a week. Not gonna pull off. Haha... It's been awhile that I've not been exercising, sweating. Oh body need to sweat kau kau.. Haha...

                           Ended my day, spending time with them and as well as coffee. =)




Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Late Night!

3:43am and I'm still not sleeping. What's wrong with me? Not tired, mel? 

I guess I have too much to think. Work? Planning? 

Sometimes I do have some random thoughts that make me couldn't sleep. Izit happening now? Hmmm...

Today, had a PGA meeting, each life planner given a every month close cases preparations, system where guide us how to be more efficient and systematically. I think is good for me, where there's a system for me to hook on so that my target can be achieve. 

Lately, I've been having a lot of thoughts. Sudden thoughts of going to Kuching to work? Perhaps, more potential clients there. Hmmm... God, please show me the lead. I need you to show me. 

I, thought too wanna get a synthesizer for me to improve my scales. Hmmmm... Indeed, it has been always my dream to perform besides church setting. I guess, I'm not there yet that's why no opportunity yet. =/

Oh well, hopefully, my mr.right will come soon too, for me to rely on sometimes.. Godddddd~~~


Scenery always letting me to calm myself, doesn't need to stress, just relax. Chill....


Thursday, January 2, 2014


Spending my time today, worshiping, reading the word, & pray. 

If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. (1 Corinthians 13:2 NIV)

This verse reminds me, with all the planning, all the goals and target that I want to achieve without God's love, I am nothing. I am nobody without Him. 

Be it serving or working, if doesn't involve God, everything is like I am just doing my job for the sake of doing it. Making a stand, I don't want to feel resentful anymore but be joyful even though serve less also doesn't matter, as long in I'm happy. In the end of the day, I know I'm countable to God not men.


So ya, spending a few hours, pray and plan for the thing for 2014. Pray that everything will goes will. I believe with God guidance, everything will succeed. =)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Woke up this morning, browsing through my tweets and some particulars, and saw the my blog address and realize that I've not been blogging since my last Hong Kong trip. Browsing through my blogs, seems lotsa of happening things had happen.

Hmmm... Where should I begin with.. Pass one year I guess it has been a great challenge for me as I've made a decision change job and be a salesperson. Like huh???? Really? Seriously? Oh well, it has been 6 months now I with AIA, it has been good. Most terrified thing was, I'm given a target to meet every month in order for me to get my "high" salary, certain months oh well, I do submit cases last minute. Consider my second full time job has been a challenging. From admin clerk to a salesperson with no experience. From my comfort zone to a boiling soup that setting me to do more things, meeting a lot of people. Of course sometimes I do not have appointment, to a salesperson, no appointment no sales. Sometimes I do ask myself, am I suitable for this job, it looks tough and after changing job, I have even more time cuz I get to set my own timetable, no more 9-5 staying in the office anymore. People always tell me, "melissa, very free de..she so flexible now, call her do more things" =.="' swt! Oh come on, AIA hire not for fun, I need to work for it, okay people. Looks free, when I'm busy, you don't even know.

Anyway, as far as for now, I just wanna thank God for not given up on me, always reminding me to persevere on, always believe things will be better. Besides that, new job new colleagues. One of the reason changing job is, been 3 years in the office alone and yes finally I have colleagues. Haha... Met a wonderful colleagues who always been so supportive, no drama, no politics, THANK GOD!

Towards the end of 2013, I'm giving the opportunity to serve in the YAM Band in Huge camp. It's been a great experience, meeting new talented people from different churches. I've been bless! Serving as a team, bringing God's glory and to lead all young people to worship HIM! Great exposure! As year pass, I'm thankful that I'm still in love serving in the worship team. I'm telling, I SERIOUSLY need to brush up my piano. Using the talents God has given me to bless others. Looking forward to it! Maybe I shall get a new keyboard? Hmmm...

In 2013, I think I've been again mature, old perhap? Hehehe.. Don't really like given LAST  minute task and expect 100% good outcome. Got so frustrated, complain most of the time. Haizzzz... Mel, 2014, start saying NO!